Our Approach
Currently, knowledge transfer, implementations, and training, etc., are costly and not very effective, whether you are talking about courses, webinars, video tutorials or manuals.

This is where we come in. Software that is easy to use and understand, and almost self-explanatory. Our modular, didactic system provides remedy and orientation, and better results.

In this way, we improve the “learning effect,” reduce frustration among users and creators, lower the bounce rates and increase conversion rates.
Our Mission
Excessive demands and dissatisfaction caused by the multi-optionality of software is increasing. More and more applications, more and more updates, more and more complexity. Software manufacturers, individual developers, and users are struggling with this “information-overflow.” We want to provide assistance and reduce frustration.
Our Claim
To establish a personal guide that intuitively incorporates didactic elements for the users’ needs and directs them through the application. The variability of the elements, the clear and understandable steps are unique. We want to establish a system that is superior to all other approaches. The design, logic, and easy use of our solution sets the gold standard on the market.
Our Team
Founder & CEO Thoren Lederer
Thoren Lederer
Has already had two successful start-ups in the software field. He is responsible for the product and development in the glazy team. This creative mind with a passion for software architecture likes to learn and discover new things, and is known for his enthusiasm. He is particularly proud of the first prize in his career. First place in a Lego competition.?
Co-Founder & CEO Rémi Tessier
Rémi Tessier
He is the latest addition to the team and is a business information technology specialist. He has many years of experience in mobile and web development, and is in charge of supervising product development and making sure that knowledge transfer runs smoothly. Rémi does everything in his power to fulfill his potential. He always seeks the best in business, his private live, or sports.
CFO Ralf Günther
Ralf Günther
The qualified software und electronics designer with organizational skills has a penchant for contexts and details. He is focused, committed to the cause, and shows plenty of vigor as he oversees the areas of finance, organization, and law.
CMO Stefan Springer
Stefan Springer
The qualified marketing professional brings many years of management experience from various industries to the table. He is responsible for marketing, communication, and sales at glazy. The father of four children has a wealth of experience, human knowledge, and initiative.